‘Such a thorough training package on Trade Based Money Laundering. A full-on day with real examples backed up by qualitative analysis. I’m very pleased that MFSA Financial Crime team had dedicated one on one time with you’.

Anthony Eddington, Head of Financial Crime Compliance at Malta Financial Services Authority

‘The training was very informative and the case scenarios helped me better understand TBML. I am in a better position and more trained to identify any TBML in my work.

Dr Stephanie Borg, Malta Financial Services Authority

‘Highly recommend the session due to the hands-on approach applied by the presenter. The presenter is also experienced in this field and gave practical examples to make the session interactive and interesting as possible. The presenter gave a very good overview of TBML. The examples provided will assist the attendees in identifying red flags’.

Dylan Tonna, Financial Crime Compliance Analyst – Malta Financial Services Authority

‘It was an engaging session, revealing and an eye opener. I also like the fact that, real life and most current related scenarios were used to make the subject easy to assimilate. As an Internal Control and Compliance Officer, I now know what to look out for during review of Trade and Import duty transactions’.

Patricia Emem Victor-Obasse, Internal Control & Compliance Officer, SunTrust Bank Nigeria

It was an eye opener and showed me that you need to take independent steps to determine the true nature of all transactions. It pointed me in the direction of how to get additional tools to help with my job function.

(Osemota Okosun, Legal Officer, SunTrust Bank Nigeria)