Trade Based Money Laundering

Trade based money laundering is very common technique utilized by criminals to launder the proceeds of their crime. Complexity of global trade provides ideal opportunity for organised criminals to disguise their illicit activities behind legitimate trade. TBML masterclass is designed to enhance the knowledge of participants supported by real-life examples, case studies, scenarios and group exercises.

Learning Objectives:

This masterclass will assist the participants to understand global trade, its complexities and attractiveness to criminals, TBML typologies, warning signs, identification & assessment of financial crime risks and best practices.

Course Outline

TBML masterclass is structured in 4 section, each designed to ensure that participants learn theoretical as well as practical knowledge through various very engaging activities.

Session 1
• Introduction
• Setting the scene (hot topics)
• The regulatory world since the global financial crises (key events, regulatory developments, fines)
• The real cost of financial crime
• Defining financial crime (AML, TBML)

Session 2
• Global trade & associated financial crime risks (AML, Sanctions, Tax-Evasion, TBML, Fraud, Embargoes)
• Understanding trade finance and its attractiveness to criminals
• Overview of TBML red flags
• A real-life example (how to identify, assess and mitigate risk)

Session 3
• Diving deep into the TBML red flags
• A real-life example (how to identify, assess and mitigate risk)
• Case study / Group exercise

Session 4
• A real-life example (how to identify, assess and mitigate risk)
• Interactive brainstorming session (risky or not risky trade)
• Case study / Group exercise
• Q&A

Course Format

Masterclass may be delivered in-house at the client site (minimum 10 participants) or through virtual classrooms for smaller groups or individual clients.

Upcoming Virtual Masterclass 12th May 2022 @ 5pm Standard UK time

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