Financial Crime Investigations Masterclass

Financial crime such as fraud, money laundering and tax evasion, is now recognised as a significant social, commercial and economic issue. The investigation of financial crime, including asset tracing and asset recovery, can have a significant impact upon criminality, from tackling local criminals up to international organised groups engaged in criminality at the highest level. Restitution, removing the profits from those involved in crime and returning it to victims and public services, is now seen as an integral part of a crime reduction strategy that previously concentrated on punishment of offenders. In addition, Financial Investigation can provide crucial evidence in cases beyond financial crime and has become a key and mandatory feature in the ‘murder manual’ of many jurisdictions.

Why take this course

The Sigma Risk Financial Investigations Masterclass provides a clear overview on the value of this branch of criminal investigation. It will be useful to all those working in law enforcement, including policing, tax authorities, government agencies; those in the criminal justice system such as prosecutors; and those within regulated firms such as banks who will be called upon to engage and support such investigations.

Designed and delivered by an internationally recognised financial investigator, this training course is comprised of building a thorough understanding on core fundamentals of financial investigation, building a structured approach around end-to-end investigation, several international and external tools utilised to undertake the tracing, confiscation and forfeiture of assets association with financial crime and unwrapping of several high profile financial investigation cases to aid the learning of the delegates.

  • Financial Crime Investigators
  • Money Laundering Reporting Officers
  • Suspicious Transactions Review Analysts
  • Nominated Officers
  • Compliance Managers
  • Why perform financial investigations
  • Dismantling money laundering syndicates
  • Asset tracing, asset freezing and confiscation
  • Dealing with intelligence agencies/Interpol
  • Exchanging cross-jurisdictional information & evidence

Delegates of this masterclass shall be assessed through a multiple choice test at the end of the training session. Upon successful completion of this masterclass, delegates will be awarded Sigma Risk certification.

This masterclass may be delivered in person at client premises, at external location or virtually via Zoom or MS Teams.

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