Pradeep is a renowned subject matter expert in trade finance holding over 40 years professional experience in global, regional, country and branch operations for multinational banks. Member of ICC Banking commission and its several task forces, member of Middle East Regional Advisory Council of the Institute of International Banking & Law Practice, Registered DOCDEX expert with ICC International Centre of Advanced Dispute Resolution (ADR) as well as founding member and chairman of ICC Bahrain Trade Finance Forum, Board Member and Co-Chairman of ICC Bahrain. Member – UCP 600 Consulting Group and URDG 758, URF 800, ISDGP Drafting Groups.
Subject matter expert on LCs, Demand Guarantees, UCP 600, URDG 758 etc. holding substantial experience in unearthing multi-billion dollars trade finance scams and fraud cases. Advised international law firms in resolving trade finance related court cases.