This Masterclass assumes no previous technical knowledge and has been created to build a high-level understanding in cyber security and how to protect businesses from the ever-evolving cyber threat landscape. The students will assess the different threat actors, their motivations and techniques. We review a number of high profile cyber attacks with a view to understand why they were attacked and what could have been done to prevent the breach. A number of global cyber security standards, regulations, laws and frameworks applicable to organisations will be outlined in order to teach the students how to understand and manage cyber risk strategically within their organisation.

Course Outline

We will discuss the main cyber attacks that can occur within the financial industry, such as ransomware, malware, phishing and insider threats. This Masterclass will prepare students with a fundamental understanding of how to prevent, detect, contain, correct and recover from such security breaches in order to keep your team and wider business safer from cyber criminals attempting to steal confidential information or cause a disruption to their business.

The importance of a cyber strategy being aligned with the business objectives and the establishment of an incident response and management plan will be discussed as it is crucial when considering the business value chain of the organisation and the potential threat that 3rd party vendors and remote workers may pose. We explore how to identify, analyse, manage and report the associated risk of these links to the business.

On completion of this Masterclass, students will be encouraged to apply the learning points to their daily function and champion cyber security for their team and wider business, remaining aware of potential threats and educating their peers on how to take a proactive mindset to the cyber security of their business.”

Course Format

Session 1: 60 minute session followed by 15 minute break. Session 2: 60 minute session followed by 15 minute break. Session 3: Q&A 30 minutes


Final assessment will comprise of 20 MCQs with 80% Pass mark leading to the awarding of the Certification of completion in ‘Cyber Risk Assessment Masterclass in partnership with SIGMA RISK’ by International Cyber Threat Task Force (ICTTF).

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