Client risk assessment from AML perspective is a regulatory requirement. It is critical for a firm to correctly risk rate their clients as per regulatory guidelines. Failure to correctly risk rate clients may result in substantial regulatory fines, financial loses and failing to prevent the flows of illicit funds through financial services industry. Client AML Risk Assessment masterclass is designed to enhance the knowledge of participants supported by practical examples, case studies, interactive discussion sessions along with key theoretical knowledge.

Learning Objectives

This masterclass is aimed at developing crucial skills of applying spirit of regulatory requirements, risk-based approach and performing holistic AML risk assessment. The masterclass is comprised of theoretical regulatory knowledge, practical examples of risk assessment of each core risk parameter, supported by interactive discussion sessions to achieve thorough understanding required for critical decision making.

Course Outline

Client AML Risk Assessment masterclass is structured in 4 section, each designed to ensure that participants learn theoretical as well as practical knowledge on how to accurately perform client AML risk assessment.

Session 1

  • Introduction
  • The regulatory world since the global financial crises (key events, regulatory developments, fines)
  • The real cost of financial crime
  • Why perform AML Risk Assessment

Session 2

  • Understanding key risk pillars
  • Country Risk Assessment
  • Industry Risk Assessment

Session 3

  • Product Risk Assessment
  • Negative News Risk Assessment
  • UBO Risk Assessment

Session 4

  • Sanctions Risk Assessment
  • Developing Risk Rating Methodology
  • Critical Decision Making
  • Q&A
Course Format

Masterclass may be delivered in-house at the client site (minimum 10 participants) or through virtual classrooms for smaller groups or individual clients.

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